Deli Lunch

Deli Lunch
Planning a day-long meeting, presentation, seminar, conference, tour, or social gathering? Bluegrass Catering can shoulder some of the work by providing lunch for your event. Our deli lunches offer a variety of delicacies, of course, such as specialty sandwiches, tasty salads, flavorful fruits and vegetables, and delectable desserts. Just imagine all the happy faces looking back at you after lunch. We do the work -- you take the credit. 

Plan A: Choice of Sandwich Tray, two side items, one Dessert Tray 
Plan B: Choice of Sandwich Tray, one side + one tray, Dessert Tray 
Prices: $14.95 per person for orders of 10 or more (does not include soft drinks)
 Add an additional selection for $2.00 more per person or upgrade the sandwiches to shaved Beef Tenderloin served on Honey Wheat Rolls for $5.00 more per person.


Our Sandwich Trays consist of: assorted shaved turkey, ham, roast beef, and chicken salad on different types of bread: ciabotta, french loaf, focaccia, kaiser, pita, croissant, wheat, and silver dollar roll - depending upon the size of the tray. We usually prepare for 1.5 servings per person. We can also include different selections such as tuna, and vegetarian wraps. Just specify when ordering. We can also prepare customized trays for specific diets: low carb sandwiches for Atkins, low-fat sandwiches with fat free or light dressings. Just ask, we can do it! 


Choose 2 for Plan A or 1 for Plan B (Served in Disposable Bowls): Pasta Salad, Rigatoni Salad, Baked Potato Salad, Red Potato Salad, German Potato Salad, Fresh Fruit, Waldorf Salad, Carribean Salad, Tortellini with Cucumber Dressing, Garden Salad, Chef Salad, Mediterranean Salad with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato, Greek Salad with ripe olives and feta cheese.


Salad Sampler: Olive Nut, Beer Cheese, Seafood Salad. Colorful Vegetable tray with creamy dip, Fresh Fruit tray, Seafood Souffl� with crackers, Almond Cream Cheese Souffle with crackers.   
$1.00 more per person for these selections: Chicken Fingers or Chicken Drummies with dip, Potato Skins, Spring Rolls


Our Dessert Trays are an assortment of: cookies, brownies and dessert bars. We also have wonderful assorted cakes and cheesecakes. If you need a specific dessert, call ahead - we can do it!


 Canned Soft Drinks and Bottled Water: $1.00 
 Bottled Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices: $1.50 


Want to try something a little different? If you're an administrator conducting weekly meetings, a drug representative trying to please doctors and nurses, or a supervisor in a company with a diverse workforce, our International Menu may be just what you're looking for. Our different and delicious lunch menus are not the ordinary fare. From golden-browned chicken enchiladas to plump German sausage, from deep-fried hushpuppies to stuffed ravioli--we've got you covered. Choose from any of the five styles below. Orders need to be for at least 20 guests and placed 48 hours in advance. Prices for each menu are $13.00 per person. This does not include soft drinks. All of the below menus can be served picnic style 


Choose 1 entree: 
Enchilada Bake 
Beef & Bean Burritos 
Chicken Burritos 
Chicken Enchiladas 

Choose 2 sides: 
Fiesta Rice 
Barbecue Beans 
Tropical Fruit 
Tortilla Chips with Salsa 
Nacho Fiesta Tray 

Included with meal: 
Mexican Cornbread 
Chocolate Pie Tarts or Cheesecake 


Choose 1 entree: 
Reuben (fresh corn beef with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye) 
German Sausage 
Bratwurst & Mettwurst 

Choose 2 sides:
German Potato Salad 
Scalloped Potatoes 
Tri Salad Sampler (fruit, pasta, and red potato salad) 
Waldorf Salad 

Included with meal: 
Yeast Rolls 
Cinnamon Streusel Cake or German Chocolate Cake 


Choose 1 entree: 
Western Beef Sandwich (tangy barbecue brisket of beef with saut�ed onions and green peppers) 
Frisco Melt Burger (cheddar cheese and thousand island dressing on grilled sourdough bread) 

Choose 2 sides: 
Baked Idaho Potato 
Oven Baked Beans 
Macaroni & Cheese 
Taco Salad (seasoned beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream in a crisp tortilla shell) 

Included with meal: 
Corn Muffins 
Cobbler (apple or peach) or Shortcake with fruit 


Choose 1 entree: 
Monte Cristo (shaved turkey and ham topped with melted Swiss cheese on French toast) 
Crispy Baked Chicken Breast (served on a Kaiser roll) 

Choose 2 sides: 
Hush Puppies 
Red Beans & Rice 
Carolina Rice Salad 
Creamy Coleslaw 
Tossed Green Salad 

Included with meal: 
Country Biscuit
Key Lime Pie or Gourmet Cup Cake 


Choose 1 entree: 
Chicken Cheddar & Bacon (grilled chicken breast topped with bacon (optional), served on mozzarella Focaccia bread) 
Stuffed Ravioli 
Roasted Vegetable Lasagna 
Chicken Fettuccine 

Choose 2 sides: 
Rigatoni Salad 
Antipasto Salad 
Fresh Fruit & Berry Salad 
Caesar Salad 

Included with meal: 
Garlic Bread Sticks 
Cinnamon Apple Crisp or Pastry Tart 


Snacks. The very word brings hope to a business meeting, promise to a presentation, spirit to a social gathering. Bluegrass Catering can enliven your special events with a splendid array of snacks and appetizers. Choose from a variety of elegant fruit and vegetable trays, tasty sandwiches and subs, and homemade cookies, brownies, cakes, and tarts. When we bring out the food, you�ll be your guests' new best friend. 


Elegant Fruit Tray -- with cascading grape center
Beer Cheese and Olive Nut Spread -- surrounded by crisp crackers
Colorful Vegetable Tray -- fresh cut seasonal vegetables, served with a creamy dip 
Cheese Tray -- domestic and imported cheese cubes for easy serving 
Spring Rolls -- mini rolls filled with vegetables, served crisp 
Potato Skins -- topped with sour cream, melted cheese and chives 
Chicken Fingers and Wings -- served with bleu cheese dressing 
Price: Based upon number of guests, please ask for quote. 


Honey Ham, Mesquite Turkey, Almond Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Seasoned
Roast Beef, Country Ham, and Grilled Chicken are all available. We can serve these as an assortment on trays with different types of bread (similar to below).

Limestone Club Sandwich -- served on toasted wedges 
Foccacia Triangles -- choice of meat and cheese | may be served warm 
Tortilla Wraps -- choice of meat and cheese, wrapped in a tortilla | served with a cream dressing 
Foot Long Hot Subs -- wrapped in foil | individual sliced servings 
Price: Based on number of guests, please ask for quote. 


Homemade Cookies -- Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Sugar, Macadamia 
Homemade Brownies -- Chocolate Fudge, Cheesecake, Oreo 
Cakes -- German Chocolate, Strawberry, Carrot, White, Streusel 
(We can design a cake based on your company's logo.)
Tarts -- Cheesecake with fresh fruit 
Shortcake -- Strawberry, Peach, or Mixed Berry with real whipped cream 
Bars -- Macaroon, Triple Berry, Dutch Apple, Pecan, Praline Pecan 
Price: Based on number of guests, please ask for quote. 


Assorted Canned Soft Drinks 
Lemonade in cooler, Fruit Punch in cooler 
Tea -- sweetened or unsweetened in cooler 
Bottled Water 
Price: $1.00. Add 50 cents to per person price for extra selection

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